Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Mess Inside

A highly productive day.

I realized that waking at 6:00 am (for the party bus to enrich three rising-seniors) and then returning from Holly Springs just before 2:00 pm makes for an eight hour day before I've noticed.

But today The WikEd Five met for snacks and insults, standing our project upright for the first time. Not bad. A conversation with Dr. Mullins re: the Reggie Barnes endorsed Mississippi Alternate Pathways to Quality School Leadership. "A dog" as expected; "unendorsed" according to Dr. Burnham. Hardly surprising. But I can't say that the program doesn't have its appealing side -- especially since the Principal Corps won't start until June 2008.

A 90-minute Mullins lecture re: Jackson, then we talk about Public Policy programs, PhD's, and law school. Then, finally, Mo and I start talking about CRCL and Jim Hill and, well, here's what happened (the text of my 1:30 am email to him):

I stumbled across this amazing FREE site/gaming-database while researching software options for ETC (hereafter known as the "Enrichment Tutoring Club").


The above site will serve as our math-center. The below site... a way to spend money on reading remediation? Maybe these programs aren't so bad, when used in a supplementary fashion? (But how do I find THE BEST ONE (or the most efficient/affordable one? I contemplate Sylvan, etc.)

http://www.lexialearning.com/index.cfm (I'm thinking "primary reading" coupled with a "visual-spatial" and "logical reasoning" tutorial package.)

I think Jordan Fundamentals (grant notification in late August) would fund this software and food; I lack Lexia's pricing but will be contacted soon. We can use MLI to pay an elementary teacher to baby-sit and distribute snacks [backpacks of food?] until 3:40. Then the teacher can walk the kids to my room by 3:45 where they're greeted by our smiling, timely tutors. This should be twice weekly (M/Th), targeting the same kids, using a range of signed-up-in-advance pre-qualified "tutors" (and pulling other teachers to monitor while I transition into the M/Th senior-IB SAT teacher come September 10th -- in time for the November 4 exam; speaking of which, we need to seek the necessary $10,000). When ETC gets wings (come January), we could run it from two labs simultaneously -- or, at the very least, open my room up to a M/W group AND a separate T/Th group (incorporating even more teachers and tutors and elementary students), displacing CRCL to some larger space... the choir room? Tuesdays and Wednesdays will have to be sacrosanct -- ONLY for CRCL's nucleus.

CRCL board meetings are Tuesday roundtables from 3:40-4:30 (while Board Game Club thrives in an adjacent room w/another teacher) -- literally seated around one table. J and C at the helm of an agenda (for Wednesday's meeting, next week's meeting, the monthly projects), their own ideas/concerns, P and L reporting to them on ETC, other CRCL sub-components (R's Film Night, October's Reservoir Panel, January's AfAm Program Committee). Each strand will need a Chair, and we'll need a secretary to take/distribute minutes (via jimhillcrcl@gmail.com) and present thank-you notes from the previous week's meetings, plus a treasurer to keep me sane. I'm not saying "parliamentary procedure," but a gavel feels only appropriate for J and C to share. And definitely a "one-strike, you're out rule" for Tuesdays. Let Wednesdays go where they will (guest speakers, debatable articles, chaos), but someone other than you, J, and me needs to start taking responsibility for organization. That's Tuesday. And one excursion / field trip per month.


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