Friday, June 02, 2006

It Begins (Again)

Last night was great: Meredith saved my ass (and probably Mary's too) with her 2:1 pre-Praxis II math tutorial. These were concepts that I hadn't thought about in eight or more years (I last multiplied matrices in 1996!), and Meredith really brought the math alive, explaining answers and defining terms. I could've gone on for hours! Giddy with math love. It occurs to me how great life would be if I could live my life being intensely tutored in fascinating subjects. I would love to learn Latin or Italian -- or study psychology or philosophy in a 2:1 or even 3:1 setting. I would love to be tutored! The things we learn about ourselves when we least expect to...

Then Sarah and I drove Robbie and Mary to a dinner-in-progress at Old Venice Pizza. A definite good move on MTC's part: bringing first- and second-years together immediately. Talking with James, Chris, Hunter, Mary, and intern Molly brought back memories and fired me up!

I hope this summer means more time to blog -- in addition to all the crazy projects surrounding me. AND I'M MARRYING SARAH IN A MONTH! :)


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