Tuesday, March 21, 2006

English II Writing Test

My first period class walks to the gym. We sit for five minutes in the bleachers. We are told to go to the auditorium. Most of my first period class walks to the auditorium. We sit for five minutes in the broken seats (stage left, front section). We are told to go to an empty 100-hall classroom. Some of my first period class walks to the classroom. We sit for five hours. We go to lunch. We return to the same classroom. At some point, I assigned extra-credit work, graded a test, and freestyled for the students while they rotted before my eyes.
I take my car to the shop after school to finally replace the starter… then go to JSU to watch Chi Chi run with MoMo… then make dinner at MoMo’s and watch Scrubs… Degraaf says she wants to be a TPR teacher; I’m surprised…

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Laughing, Inquiring, Digging

Those will be my 3 themes for next year. I want to do a better job of finding material that my students will enjoy and will want to research and learn about after class. I had a few articles at the beginning of the year but quickly exhausted my supply and had NO TIME to find new articles and materials as the school year began.

Here I am, working out my mind on the page while students raise their hands to ask me questions. I love 6th period, but today is a day for (as my NELP persona would have it) FREEDOM. Ironically enough, I’m teaching Cosby, Spike Lee, and Brown v. Board…

We had our initial TPR meeting with students this morning. I’m psyched; I charged them with the responsibility of accepting this $1500 opportunity and challenging themselves to improve.

Daniel’s coming this afternoon to sit for a JPS lunch and to speak with our CRCL kids.

Preston’s hard at work planning his foreign-language fair.

It’s a good day so far. A beautiful day, in fact, to be outside with a beautiful woman. To take a walk with a book and picnic on a hill. To live deliberately. With a song playing overhead and a kiss in the air. A good day so far. How New England of me…

Watching 16 fourteen-year-old freshmen actively reading a packet on Black history: highlighting, underlining, interacting with the text. Quietly and diligently working. Focused and intent.